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Rock drilling equipment is designed for all kinds of rock types


Rock drilling equipment is designed for all kinds of rock types. Rocktools bits are manufactured from a high-grade steel alloy with a high-grade tungsten carbide range for the best drilling speed. Rocktools bits are an essential part of the drilling system.

Bit selection often requires choosing a bit that strikes the right balance between durability and drilling speed. Choosing a bit depends on features such as compressive strength, wear, homogeneity and variable drilling parameters. Many drilling applications require different bit configurations for best performance.


Three types of bit designs are available to users: flat surface, convex and concave.

Rocktools bits are designed for specific applications of all rock types.

» If you are drilling into hard and abrasive formations, then the convex design would be an ideal choice.

» If you are drilling into rock types such as fractured and cracked, you will get the best results with a flat surface design.

» One of our other surface designs, the concave design is especially suitable for deep wells and direction control.

» The reverse pilot design drilling system on its convex surface has been developed to maintain vertical alignment and control the direction of the wellbore.


The threaded coupling sleeve is made of high quality alloy steels and CNC machining ensures our reliable and consistent quality control of its couplings.

Two categories: Standard coupling sleeves, adapter (cross) sleeves;

The semi-bridge clutch is by far the most popular, with a small, non-threaded bridge in its center. The drill rod cannot pass through the center of the couplings and the smaller diameter rod portions are interconnected in the center bridge region of the coupling. Half bridge couplings are best suited to high torque machines.


Male shank adapters are generally more suitable for drag, tunneling and extension applications where high bending stresses are present. Female shank adapters are used when drilling space is limited and overall feed length is important.

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